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50 MHz GS35b Power Amplifier

The Russian VHF triode GS35b is rated to operate up to 1000MHz with 1.5kW anode dissipation. Considering it's low price and availability, I put some effort in the development of a powerfull, compact amplifier with the GS35b for 1.5KW ++ output power at 50MHz.

New PA GS35b

First PA GS35b

NR:2 PA GS35b

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Amplifier-Circuit & Power supply

Power Supply
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PA Circuit
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Parts List
The Bias Assy GS35b GS31

OZ5ESB - E.D.R. Esbjerg afdelingens byggeprojekt 2002/2003:
1200W PA-trin for 50/144MHz med
GS31b rÝr.
(When the project is finished, the text will also be available in English, and German.)

50/144 Amplifier

Link to OZ5ESB /Projekter/50/144 Amplifier  

The Tube GS-35B
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The Cooling
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GS35b+GS31b Grid Mounting Block & Ring
To obtain a Grid Mount Block e-mail OZ1DPR, below:

Questions about, or comments on the GS35b 6m  amplifier, please contact OZ1DPR

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14 AUGUST 2003

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