High Power Linear Amplifiers
Manufactured in UK

British made, high power 1200/1500 Watt CW 2m power amplifiers, newly introduced to North America

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front panel The rugged GS-31B and GS-35B Russian power tubes will operate for long periods at 1200W and 1500W (respectively), key down, with 80-100W drive.  A heavy-duty toroidal power transformer and integral high capacity air cooling for the tube are used to ensure reliability.  Manufactured by G3ZRS of Linear Amp UK Ltd, the DISCOVERY series amplifiers features soft start and 3min start up timer.  There is also protection for Plate over-current, grid over-current, over-drive, and internal valve flashover.  Other amateur models at 6M / 50MHz, 1.25M / 222MHz, 70cM / 435MHz.  Typical delivery time is less than two weeks.  Ideal for working DX and EME.


      Technical Data for 2M PA                                     Click on picture to enlarge

  Frequency   144 - 148 MHz
  Continuous Output   1200 / 1500 W
  Drive Power   80 - 100 W
  Plate Voltage   2800VDC
  Gain   12 dB nominal
  Power Req'ts   220/230VAC at
    13A, 50/60Hz
  Tube   GS-31 / GS-35
  Relays   Coaxial O/P,
    short-throw I/P
  Metering   Plate Current, Grid
    Current, RF O/P
  Dimensions   14" wide, 9.75"
    high, 17" deep
  Weight   25kg / 29kg
  Warranty   Full 1 year (except



top view

bottom view


For more information or to order via credit card directly from the sole importer, please call or email Peter G8BXM, or Jill at
tel:  (450)424-5666     fax:  (450)424-6611     email:

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