The GS-9b microwave triode is used for RF voltage generation in external-feedback oscillators designed for continuous operation in the decimetric wavelength range down to 9cm.  The triode is available in two variants:  with heat sink, for forced air cooling (GS-9b), and without heat sink, for other types of cooling (GS-90b). The GS-9b is physically identical to the GI-6b and GI-7b, but several electrical parameters are different.


Cathode:  indirectly heated, dispenser, oxide-coated.
Envelope:  metal-ceramic.
Cooling:  18 m3/hr forced air.
Height, mm, at most: with heat sink: 110.5
without heat sink: 97
Diameter, mm, at most: with heat sink: 65
without heat sink: 36.3+
Mass, gm, at most: with heat sink: 330
without heat sink: 170

gs9b gs90b
Vibration loads:
frequency, Hz 5-600
acceleration, m/s² 59
Multiple Impacts with acceleration, m/s² 343
Single impacts with acceleration, m/s² 1,470
Linear loads with acceleration, m/s² 490
Ambient Conditions:
Temperature, °C -60 to +100
Relative humidity at up to + 40 °C% 95-98

Heater voltage, V 12.6
Heater current, A 1.1
Mutual conductance (Va = 1.3KV and Ia = 120 mA), mA/V 19.5
Penetration factor (Va = 1.3 kV, delta Va = +200 V, Ia = 120 mA), % 0.6-1.2
input capacitance, pF: 8.4
output capacitance, pF: 3.15
transfer capacitance, pF: <0.04
Warm up time, s, at most 90
Output power (CW operation at Va = 1.5KV, Ia = 175 mA, wavelength 18cm), W, at least 40
Designed Tube Life (hours) >200

Heater voltage, V 11.7-13
Heater current, A 1-1.2
Mutual conductance (Va = 1.3KV and Ia = 120 mA), mA/V 15-24
input capacitance, pF: 7.2-9.6
output capacitance, pF: 2.8-3.5
Va in CW operation, KV: 2.5
Va (cold cathode), KV: 3
instantaneous value of Va in CW operation, KV: 5
Vg (instantaneous value), V: -200 to +50
Ic r.m.s.value, mA: 330
Ic DC component at frequency doubling, mA: 190
Ic instantaneous value under class conditions, mA: 700
Anode Dissipation, W: 300
Grid Dissipation, neglecting the grid thermal current, W: 5
Grid Dissipation with grid thermal current at most 5 mA, W: 2.2
anode heat sink temperature, °C: 130
grid lead temperature, °C: 200
cathode lead temperature, °C: 100
external ceramic parts temperature, °C: 250
Minimum wavelength in CW operation, cm 15
Averaged Anode-Grid Characteristic Curves
Averaged Anode-Grid Characteristic Curves:
Uf = 12.6V
Averaged Characteristic Curves:
_____ anode;
Pa max