Generic Cooling System
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This cooling system is suitable for about 2KW intermittent heat removal. I have had this cooling system in service for 4 years without any problems. The coolant is distilled water since it has very low conductivity. There has been discussion that it should also be de-ionized. The water should be changed every 3 months because salts released from the metals will increase the conductivity over time. Any corrosion inhibitor added must have very low conductivity.

The tank is made from 6 PVC pipe with end-caps. Top can be removed for changing the water. It is mounted vertical to keep smallest possible water area exposed to air since oxygen will increase corrosion rate.

Use a 200 gallon per hour magnetic drive plastic pump to compensate for pressure drops in cooler and lines. Suitable pumps can be found at Graingers. The cooler is a generic aluminum transmission cooler that can be found at any auto-parts store. The cooler can be placed in the supply or return flow path. It will be most efficient in the return path because of a bigger temp difference between water and air. The drawback is that the water-line pressure is higher because of pressure drop in the cooler. A quiet generic 120mm muffin fan is mounted on the cooler. It can be controlled by a thermostat if desired.


  • All flexible water-lines are standard 3/8 clear vinyl hose from the hardware store.
  • The water lines should be grounded 24 or more from the tube. This is done by stainless tubing or hose barbs connected to the chassis.
  • The water return should enter the tank below liquid level to avoid mixing in air and minimize agitation.
  • A flow sensor can be added in the return path and interlocked with the amp to guarantee sufficient flow to operate the amp.
  • Vinyl hose is very flexible so make sure there are no kinks that will stop the flow.
  • Use all plastic or stainless pipe and fittings to minimize water contamination.

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