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These sites are mostly Russian-Language - hope they are helpful!

This is the very large collection of ham radio related projects:

A collection of ham radio transceivers. Two of them have tube amplifiers:

GU50, somewhat unusual:

Another GU50:

And the same web page has a large collection of PA schematics, many of them using tubes:

These are the links to tube amplifiers: "Good, old" Krasnodar again (new URL though) PA with GU-13 (or GK-71). Dated 1955. 144MHz TX with GU-29 (829). Dated 1959 20-160m TX with G-807 (807). Dated 1959 Simple 430MHz radiostation with five tubes. 1963 Self-oscillating 5W single-tube transmitter for 160m with 6P2 or 6P3 tube. 1950. Probably required 30kHz bandwidth to track... better version of the above with separate VFO

Main pages with links:
1. or

Transformerless with GU-29:
250W PA w. 2xGU-72:
500W PA with GK-71:
Transformerless PA w. 4xG-811 (811):
Gnd grid 500W PEP w. GMI-11 ((radar modulator tube):
Gnd grid PA with GU-74B:
250W PA with 2xGU-70B:
160m PA with 6P15P (EL84? not sure):
600W PA with GU-74B:
Linear PA w. 2x6P45S (TV tubes):
1-Category 200W PA w. 2xGU-72:
PA w. 2xGU-13 (813):
1kW PA w. metal-ceramic GS-35S:
400W PEP, 200W CW with GMI-11 (radar modulator tube):
PA with G-811 (811-A). ARRL design:
Linear PA w. 2x6P45S (TV tubes):
130W push-pull w. 2x6P42S:
130W transistor-tube PA w. 6P45S:
2-nd Category PA w. 6P45S:
200W PA w. 4xG-811A (811-A):
kW (and more) with inexpensive GU-81M:
500W, 30dB gain hybrid PA with GU-74B:
1kW PA with GU-46:
1kW PA with GU-43B:
Hybrid PA with GU-74B:
Hybrid push-pull (concept):
GU-74B Grounded grid, supply details:
500W PA with ceramic GU-7B:
Hybrid PA (concept):
PA with GMI-11 (radar modulator tube):
200W transformerless PA with 3xGU-50:
Pair of Pentodes:
MOSFET-Tube 200W Hybrid PA with 3xGU-50:
Russian implementation of the famous G2DAF:
Today's tube linear amplifier (article):
Transformerless power amplifiers (article):
Power amplifier with GMI-11 (radar modulator tube):
500W hybrid amplifier with two TV tubes 6P45S:
Hybrid power amplifier with GU-74B:
High power transformerless power supply:

Collection of schematics. 10 links in the center are with tube PA (some dead?):
Linear PA with GI-7B:

Tube specs (russian and otherwise): Russian tubes ("Spravotchnik" - specs) Tube specs at Krasnodar Russian equivalents of western tubes Western equivalents of Russian tubes

Miscellaneous sites:

This is another Web site containing a lot of electronic projects:

And these are the links to tube amplifiers:

Check also this one:
TRX w. PA:
Transformerless power supply for GU-43B PA (230VAC):
and Broadband PA with 2 x GU-70B, 300W, 2-30MHz. Used in naval transmitter "MOLNYA-3", type PKM-20. Adjustable gain. PA with GK-71 for FT-840. PEP 500W. All HF bands, grounded grid. GK-71 is a ("good, old") tube somewaht similar to GU-13 (813). It has however rather poor performance above, say 20MHz (my personal experience). The author (UA1FA) addresses that and uses this to his advantage (no chance of parasitic oscillations!). This may be just another site with already known design. Grounded grid 1kW PA with GU-74 (very slow loading). QRO for 144MHz EME applications with GU-35B PA with 3 x GU-50 PA with 2 x GU-50 GU-50 used to be a workhorse for lower power levels (50 to 300W dep. on number of tubes). No american equiv. West European equivalent is LS-50. Recently widely used for audio applications. See the tube picture at: ("interesting tubes") or at: Just another site with otherwise well known grounded grid PA with four tubes (6P45S, GU-50 or G-811). See: Good article on tube PA (if one understands it, of course). Included are PI-network calculations.

Auf Deutsche:

1kW on two triodes T-380-1:
Same PA:
See the tube at:
Simple TX with PL36:
TX with LS-50 (GU-50):
5W TX with EL84:
Simple CW TX with 6L6:
10m 150W PA with EL509/519:
PA with QB5/1750 (pictures):
500W QB3/300 PA:
2M 6W TX with LD2:
A very large and very well done collection of tube specs:

Finish:   144MHz 1.5kW with GU-84B

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