The GS-23B power tetrode generates and amplifies power at up to 1,000 MHz in RF equipment. The GS-23b is generally considered to be similar to the 4CX1600U. Some of these tubes function very well in the 23cm band; a limited sampling of about three dozen tubes shows approximately one in six, (+/-) will work at 1296MHz. The detailed description of a 23cm GS-23B 1350W PA is HERE. A means to water cool the GS-23B is HERE.


Cathode:  indirectly heated, oxide-coated.
Envelope:  metal-ceramic.
Cooling:  Forced Air (on with heater, off 5 min after shut down). anode 190 m3/hr
cathode 20 m3/hr
Height, mm, at most: 120
Diameter, mm, at most: 92
Mass, Kg, at most 1.1
GS-23b GS-23b
A - anode; C1 - grid 1; 1 - heater;
KP - cathode & heater; C2 - grid 2;


Vibration loads:

frequency, Hz 10-200
acceleration, m/s² 39
Multiple impacts with acceleration, m/s² 342
Ambient Conditions:
Temperature, °C -60 to +50
Relative humidity at up to +40 °C, % 98

Heater voltage, V 6.3 (5.7 @ 1GHz)
Heater current, A 6.25
Mutual conductance (Va = 1.25KV, Vg2 = 400V, Ia = 900mA), mA/V: 55
Negative cutoff bias (Vg1) with Va = 1.25KV, Vg2 = 400V, Ia = 10mA, V: 47.5
input capacitance, pF 33
output capacitance, pF 11.5
transfer capacitance, pF <0.025
Warm up time, s: <210
Designed Tube Life (hours) >1000

Heater voltage, V, Nominal / @ 1 GHz 5.7-7 / 5.1-6.3
Heater current, A 5.9-6.6
Mutual conductance (Va = 2.1KV, Vg2 = 400V, Ia = 1A,), mA/V: 40-70
Average grid voltage (Vg1) with Va = 1.25KV, Vg2 = 400V, Ia = 900mA, V: -12
Grid voltage (Vg1) with Va = 1.25KV, Vg2 = 400V, Ia = 900mA, V: -2 to -22
Cutoff bias (Vg1) with Va = 1.25KV, Vg2 = 400V, Ia = 10mA, V: -30 to -65
Maximum (absolute value) of negative Grid voltage (Vg1), V 150
input capacitance, pF 28-38
output capacitance, pF 9.5-13.5
Maximum CW Anode voltage (Va), KV: 2.5
Maximum Peak Anode voltage (Va), KV: 3.5
Maximum Pulsed (17% duty cycle) Anode voltage (Va), KV: 4.5
Maximum Screen Grid voltage (Vg2), V 500
CW cathode current (Ic), A: 1.2
Maximum pulsed (17% duty cycle) cathode current (Ic), A: 1.45
Anode Dissipation, W: 1500
Screen Grid (G2) Dissipation, W: 12
Control Grid (G1) Dissipation, W: 1.5
Temperature at envelope (hottest point), °C 200
Frequency, MHz: <1000

gs-23b gs-23b
Averaged Characteristic Curves

Averaged Anode Characteristic Curves

More Averaged Anode Characteristic Curves to be added here.