Water Cooling the GS-23b
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Preparing the GS23B Tetrode for water cooling

GS-23B with air cooler in place.

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GS-23B after the air cooler has been removed. Separate the cooling fins by insereting a screw-driver in the seam between fins on the outside of the cooler. Grab each fin with needle nosed pliers and wiggle the fin until it breaks off. It will take 20-30 minutes to remove all fins.

Machine a brass ring to fit snugly on the tube and to match 3 brass tubing. Solder the 3 brass tube to the bottom ring by applying flux and solder from the inside. Now the bottom plate has fresh solder in place and should be separated from the brass tubing again. Machine a top-plate and solder it to the tubing. Insert the hose barbs and solder in place.

Slip the bottom ring on the tube and put the assembly in a can with enough water to cover half way up on the screen ring. SLOWLY heat the tube anode part just enough for solder to flow. Solder the ring in place.

Add some flux and set the top part in place and heat the brass tube until the solder re-flows. Cool the assembly with a fan. Fill the jacket with flux remover and drain a couple of times to remove all flux. Leak test the cooling jacket with water under pressure.

Water Cooled GS-23b

Description & pictures of a water cooling system.

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