Water Cooling the GS-15B
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Preparing the GS-15B Tetrode for water cooling

GS-15B with air cooler in place.

Although the anode cooler on this tube cannot be removed, The GS15B can be water cooled very efficiently with some simple modifications.

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Anode Machining

  • Mill 2 slots in the cooler, wide and deep.
  • Fabricate a sleeve that fits over the fins. OD should be no more than the plate connector ring. Length can be about 2mm longer and then the top machined with a step to slip inside the cooling jacket and fit snuggly against the top of the tube cooler. A top made to fit wholly inside the sleeve against the tube cooler and flush with the end of the sleeve is just fine.
  • Make a top plate with 2 holes to match available brass connectors.
  • Line up the top plate with milled slots and push the brass connectors in place.
  • Add rosin flux to all surfaces to solder. Heat the whole assembly gently with a propane torch until hot enough to melt solder. Solder all surfaces. Let cool slowly.
  • The water will be forced around the cooling fins and provides very efficient cooling.

Water Cooled GS-23b

Description & pictures of a water cooling system.

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