Water Cooling the GS-34
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The GS-34 comes as shown at left, without a cooler of any type. The GS-34-1 comes with a 50mm diameter transverse air cooler, and the GS-34-2 with a 25mm diameter transverse air cooler. The air cooler attachment hardware is easily removed from the tube by loosening the nut and removing the pin inserted through the hole in the anode cyllinder and the head of the mounting bolt. The dissembled tube is shown at right.

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  • Remove all cooler mounting hardware, leaving the empty mounting hole in top of the tube.
  • See drawing and pictures to left:
    • Fabricate an aluminum pedestal, the bottom of which is the same OD as the ID of the empty mounting hole in the top of the tube.
    • Select tubing which fits snugly around the top portion of the anode cyllinder and seats on the bottom portion. Cut length proportional to aluminum pedestal as shown in drawing.
    • Fabricate a top cap for the tubing; drill two holes to fit available hose-barb water connections.
    • Put the tube in a cold oven and heat to about 400 deg F. Hold at this temperature for 15 to 20 minutes. Put the aluminum pedestal in ice for 30 minutes. The "frozen" pedestal should now fit in the mounting hole on the top of the heated tube, and when temperatures "normalize" they should be very firmly connected together with a shrink fit.
    • Add rosin flux to all surfaces to solder. Heat the whole assembly gently with a propane torch until hot enough to melt solder. Solder all surfaces. Let cool slowly.

Water Cooled GS-23b

Description & pictures of a water cooling system.

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