Russian Tube Data

These tube specifications are interpretations of pages copied from a Russian language tube specification manual, sent to me by UR4LL, compared with specifications presented on various sites on the www. An excellent Russian-English Technical glossary was compiled by G4PMY which helps understand the Russian specifications sheets! I found agreement on most tubes (and validated my "reading" of the Russian data). I also found one or two instances where the data on the web was incorrect. Several web sites carry information about these tubes; those I found with the most data are Tube Data Sheets, DF6NA, PE1OGF, and Scientific Technical Centre NavigatoR. Additionally, to get me started, UR4LL provided english notes on the initial data sheets.

TRIODES GI-6b GI-7b series GI-39b
GS-1b / GS-2b GS-9b / GS-90b GI-46b
GS-31b GS-34 GS-35b
GS-36B GU-43B GU-74B
GU-78B GU-84B  

NOTE:  Before using these tubes, see "HV Tester" and "tube prep" below!!

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